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Velocity Ultimate Seamless Scrunch Mini Shorts

Velocity Ultimate Seamless Scrunch Mini Shorts Review

Alright, round two in the saga of finding the perfect workout gear. This time, we’re zoning in on the warmer months or those gym sessions that turn into personal saunas. Enter the scene: Velocity Ultimate Seamless Scrunch Mini Shorts. If you thought the leggings were a game changer, wait until you try these on for size.

Priced at $60, they’re slightly cheaper than their longer counterparts but don’t mistake that for a compromise in quality. What we’re talking about here is the same scrunch bum magic that brings your glutes into the spotlight, but with a twist suited for those hotter days or just when you feel like showing a bit more leg.

The design is pretty much what you’d dream of for the perfect pair of workout shorts. They’re high-waisted, which, let’s be real, is a blessing for keeping everything tucked in and looking smooth. The thick elastic waistband ensures they stay exactly where you want them, no matter how high you jump or deep you squat.

Velocity Ultimate Seamless Scrunch Mini Shorts

And yes, before you ask, they’re squat-proof. Because what’s the point if you’re worrying about giving everyone a show during your deadlifts, right? The fabric composition hasn’t changed – still rocking that 90% Nylon and 10% Elastane blend that feels like a second skin while providing all the support and stretch you need.

The no front seam feature is back with these shorts, and honestly, it’s something I didn’t know I needed until I experienced the comfort level it brings. Plus, the durable scrunch design is not just for aesthetics; it genuinely makes your backside look more lifted and shaped – who wouldn’t want that?

They’re available in sizes XS to L, catering to a nice range of body types. And just like the leggings, these shorts require a bit of TLC when it comes to washing – gentle machine wash at 30 degrees and a big no to tumble drying. Trust me, they’re worth the extra care.

Velocity Ultimate Seamless Scrunch Mini Shorts

In summary, the Velocity Ultimate Seamless Scrunch Mini Shorts are a solid addition to your workout wardrobe, especially for those days when you’re feeling a bit daring or just need something a bit cooler. They blend style, comfort, and functionality so seamlessly, you’ll wonder how you ever worked out without them. Plus, feeling confident and sexy in your workout gear? Priceless. Visit the Velocity activewear website here now to shop.

Photo credits: Velocity Activewear.

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