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Velocity Unisex Pump Cover

Velocity Unisex Pump Cover Review

Let’s dive straight into the heart of it – finding that elusive piece of clothing that bridges the gap between outright comfort and undeniable style can sometimes feel like you’re searching for a unicorn. Well, brace yourself, because I think…
Velocity Zip Jacket

Velocity Zip Jacket Review

If you’re anything like me, finding that perfect piece of workout gear that hits the sweet spot between form and function is a bit like striking gold. And let’s not even start on the quest for something that looks just…
Velocity Lola Flared Leggings

Velocity Lola Flared Leggings Review

So, picture this: you’re scrolling through endless pages of leggings online, each pair blending into the next, and you’re about to give up on finding anything that sparks joy. Then, BAM! The Velocity Lola Flared Leggings catch your eye. With…
Velocity Everyday Flared Leggings

Velocity Everyday Flared Leggings Review

When it comes to workout wear, or let’s be honest, everyday wear (because who’s keeping track anymore?), the search for the perfect pair of leggings can feel endless. Enter the Velocity Everyday Flared Leggings, coming in at $78 and promising…
Mineral+ Daily Electrolytes

Mineral+ Daily Electrolytes Review

Today, I’m diving into a product that’s caught my attention and definitely deserves a spot in your daily routine, especially for those quieter days when you’re not hitting the gym as hard. It’s the Mineral+ Daily Electrolytes, a real game-changer…
Velocity Define Bra

Velocity Define Bra Review

Navigating the world of sports bras can feel like a never-ending quest for the perfect blend of style, comfort, and support. That’s why the introduction of the Velocity Define Bra, priced at a reasonable $58, feels like a breath of…
Velocity Cross Over Bra

Velocity Cross Over Bra Review

Ever been in the middle of a workout, only to be distracted by a sports bra that just doesn’t quite fit right? Enter the Velocity Cross Over Bra, a game-changer at $60 that promises not just to support but to…
Velocity Butter Comfort Leggings

Velocity Butter Comfort Leggings Review

Let’s cut to the chase – finding the perfect pair of leggings is akin to striking fitness gold. That’s why when I slipped into the Velocity Butter Comfort Leggings for the first time, I knew I had hit the jackpot.…
Velocity Bolero Review

Velocity Bolero Review

Jumping straight into it, because why beat around the bush? The latest addition to my workout wardrobe has been a total game changer: the Velocity Bolero. Priced at a neat $50, it promised to be the missing piece I didn’t…
velocity balance bra 2.0

Velocity Balance Bra 2.0 Review

Alright, let’s dive straight into it. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my fitness journey down under, it’s that the right gear can make or break a workout. That’s why I was stoked to try out the Velocity Balance…
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