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best gyms in melbourne

The 10 Best Gyms in Melbourne, Australia: A Fitness Enthusiast’s Guide

Melbourne, known for its sporting culture and active lifestyle, is home to an impressive array of gyms. These fitness centers offer a blend of cutting-edge facilities, specialized training programs, and diverse classes catering to all fitness goals. Here are the top 10 gyms in Melbourne that every fitness lover should consider.

Doherty’s Gym

gyms in Melbourne, australia

Owned by renowned bodybuilder Tony Doherty, this iconic gym open 24/7 is a haven for those serious about weightlifting and bodybuilding. It boasts an extensive range of weight training equipment and offers a hardcore yet welcoming environment.

Virgin Active

gyms in Melbourne, australia

With several locations across Melbourne, Virgin Active offers more than just a workout. Alongside a wide variety of group classes and top-notch training equipment, the club features wellness facilities like swimming pools, spas, saunas, and sleep pods.

Fitness First

best gyms in australia

This well-known chain of gyms offers a great variety of classes, top-tier equipment, and several locations around Melbourne. Each location provides a unique experience catering to different fitness levels and preferences.

South Pacific Health Clubs

gyms in Melbourne, australia

Established in 1981, this Melbourne-born health club chain is known for its friendly atmosphere, personal approach, and broad range of classes, including Pilates, yoga, boxing, and more.

Kaya Health Clubs

gyms in Melbourne, australia

Kaya offers a unique blend of fitness and wellness with a focus on classes like yoga, Pilates, and boxing. The serene, beautifully designed spaces provide a calm environment that differentiates it from traditional gyms.

Goodlife Health Clubs

gyms in Melbourne, australia

With numerous locations in Melbourne, Goodlife Health Clubs offer a comprehensive range of fitness services. From cycling classes and personal training to strength training areas, they’ve got you covered.

12 Round Fitness

gyms in Melbourne, australia

As Australia’s fastest-growing boxing & strength training provider, 12 Round Fitness offers unique, fast-paced workouts designed for any fitness level. The workouts are structured around 12 round boxing contest and change daily, making each session fresh and exciting.

The Training Room

gyms in Melbourne, australia

Located in Hampton, The Training Room is a boutique fitness studio offering small group training, personal training, and specialty classes in a modern, welcoming environment.

F45 Training

gyms in Melbourne, australia

Born in Australia, F45 has quickly become a global fitness phenomenon. The Melbourne studios offer the same innovative, high-intensity group workouts that mix elements of HIIT, circuit training, and functional training.

King’s Domain

gyms in Melbourne, australia

Situated in South Yarra, King’s Domain is a gym that prides itself on creating a friendly, community-oriented space. They offer a wide range of classes, personal training, and top-notch equipment.

These Melbourne-based gyms are highly regarded for their exceptional facilities, varied programs, and commitment to providing a fulfilling workout experience. Remember, the best gym aligns with your personal fitness goals, preferences, and creates an environment where you feel inspired and motivated.

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