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best gyms in australia

The 10 Best Gyms in Australia: A Comprehensive Guide

Australia, renowned for its active lifestyle and love of sport, boasts some of the best gyms in the world. These top-tier fitness centers offer a diverse range of services, state-of-the-art facilities, and specialized training programs that cater to various fitness goals and preferences. Here’s a look at the ten best gyms in Australia that should be on every fitness enthusiast’s radar.

Fitness First

fitness first

A household name in fitness, Fitness First is known for its impressive range of facilities and classes. With numerous locations across the country, each Fitness First branch provides a unique and personalized experience. From weight training, cardio, group classes to personal training services, there’s something for everyone.

F45 Training

f45 training

Born in Australia, F45 Training has taken the world by storm with its innovative, high-intensity group workouts. Combining elements of HIIT, circuit training, and functional training, their 45-minute workout sessions are designed for optimal impact and efficiency.

Virgin Active

virgin active

Virgin Active offers a comprehensive fitness experience that extends beyond the traditional gym setup. Aside from the high-end training equipment and wide array of classes, members can also enjoy wellness facilities such as swimming pools, spas, saunas, and even sleep pods.

Goodlife Health Clubs

goodlife health clubs

With over 85 locations across Australia, Goodlife Health Clubs are easily accessible and offer a balanced approach to fitness. Their clubs offer a variety of services, including yoga, cycling classes, personal training, and even child minding services.

Jetts Fitness

jetts fitness

Known for their 24/7 accessibility, Jetts Fitness centers are perfect for those with busy schedules. They offer a no-frills, straightforward gym experience with a focus on affordability without sacrificing the quality of equipment and facilities.

Anytime Fitness

anytime fitness

As the name suggests, Anytime Fitness is open 24/7, 365 days a year. With locations all across Australia, it’s an excellent choice for those who appreciate the flexibility to work out anytime, day or night.

Zap Fitness

zap fitness

Another 24/7 gym, Zap Fitness, provides high-quality equipment and clean, well-maintained facilities. They also offer a range of group fitness classes and personal training services.

Plus Fitness

plus fitness

With its flexible membership plans, Plus Fitness offers a cost-effective solution for fitness enthusiasts. They provide a wide range of services, including functional training zones, spin and yoga classes, and private training areas.

City Gym, Sydney: Established in 1978, City Gym in Sydney is an icon of the Australian fitness industry. This gym is known for its friendly, community vibe, comprehensive equipment, and the variety of classes including Pilates, boxing, and weightlifting.

Doherty’s Gym, Melbourne

doherty's gym

Renowned bodybuilder Tony Doherty’s gym is a mecca for weightlifters and bodybuilders. Open 24/7, the gym boasts an extensive range of weight training equipment and a hardcore yet welcoming environment that encourages strength and growth.


These gyms have made a name for themselves by offering high-quality facilities, innovative training programs, and excellent customer service. Regardless of where you are on your fitness journey, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your needs in one of these top-notch gyms in Australia. Always remember, the best gym is the one that suits your individual needs and helps you maintain consistency in your fitness journey.

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