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zac perna australia home

Zac Perna Shows Us His New Australia Home

Zac Perna, one of our fave Aussie entrepreneurs, has finally moved into his new home and he’s shared a little house tour with his 875k YouTube subscribers.

Zac and his brother Joel actually bought the place years ago back in the pre-pandemic days, but it was old and run-down and needed a load of work doing to get everything the way the guys wanted. Now they’re finally in though and getting to work settling in and making themselves at home there.

In the video the 28 year old fitness influencer and trainer walks us through the new 2-bedroom pad, pointing out fun details that the boys have put in like a Jaws light. Although Zac’s not entirely sure about it seeing as they live right by the water!

MY NEW HOUSE | Zac Perna

Zac gives us a glimpse of the pretty stunning view before taking us around the lounge, kitchen, and dining area of the house. He also shows us his room and Joel’s room, along with the bathrooms and home office space.

The new home has been finished to a really high standard and now just needs Zac and Joel to put a bit more of their own stamp on it. They’re already getting started with that though, heading out to pick up some plants which they dot around the place.

If their Slouch Potato brand is anything to go by, it won’t be long until the boys’ pick up more quirky bits of decor that really add an extra element of fun to their gorgeous new home.

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