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zap fitness hobart australia

You Need To Visit Zap Fitness Hobart Australia

Zap Fitness Hobart Central, located at 59 Liverpool Street in the heart of Hobart, TAS, stands out as a beacon of health and fitness. Open 24 hours a day, this gym caters to the modern lifestyle, offering flexibility and convenience to fitness enthusiasts and beginners alike.

A Haven of Fitness Facilities

Zap Fitness Hobart Central is not just a gym; it’s a comprehensive fitness hub equipped with a wide range of facilities:

  • State-of-the-Art Cardio Equipment: From treadmills to elliptical trainers, the gym offers the latest in cardio technology.
  • Diverse Strength Equipment: Catering to all levels of strength training, from beginners to advanced athletes.
  • Functional Training Zone: A dedicated area for functional and high-intensity workouts.
  • Dedicated Stretching Area: Perfect for warming up, cooling down, or practicing flexibility and mobility exercises.
  • Free Weights: A broad range of free weights to suit all training needs.
  • Change Rooms: Comfortable and convenient facilities for a seamless gym experience.
  • Free Wifi: Stay connected even during your workout.

Personal Training Excellence

zap fitness hobart australia

At Zap Fitness Hobart Central, members have access to expert personal trainers, including the likes of Alex Young, who specialize in sport-specific training and strength conditioning. The trainers are dedicated to helping members achieve their individual fitness goals through personalized workout plans and motivation.

Flexible Staffed Hours

Understanding the diverse schedules of its members, Zap Fitness Hobart offers flexible staffed hours:

  • Monday to Thursday: 11:30 am 2:30 pm and 3:00 pm 6:00 pm
  • Friday: Unstaffed
  • Saturday: 11:00 am 2:00 pm
  • Sunday: Unstaffed

These timings ensure that members can access professional help and guidance at times convenient to them.

Join the Zap Fitness Community

Joining Zap Fitness Hobart Central means becoming part of a fitness community that values health, wellbeing, and a balanced lifestyle. Members enjoy the freedom of training at any hour, benefiting from high-quality equipment and professional guidance.

Why Choose Zap Fitness Hobart Central?

zap fitness

1. 24/7 Access: Workout at any time that suits your schedule.

2. Diverse Training Options: From cardio and strength to functional training, there’s something for everyone.

3. Professional Guidance: Access to experienced personal trainers.

4. Central Location: Easy to access in the heart of Hobart.


Zap Fitness Hobart Central is more than just a gym; it’s a lifestyle choice for those seeking a balanced, healthy life. With its round-the-clock accessibility, extensive facilities, and professional support, it’s an ideal destination for anyone looking to embark on or continue their fitness journey in Hobart, Australia. Visit the Zap Fitness website here now to get started.

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