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PRIME Energy Lands In Australia 

After a long wait, KSI has finally revealed that PRIME Energy is now available for fans to buy down under. 

The wildly popular energy drink was previously banned from Australia for containing double the legal caffeine limit. 

Despite the prohibition, desperate fans had still been getting their hands on a can through resale websites and convenience stores bending the rules. 

In fact, one Perth shop owner recently hit the headlines after being caught ‘boasting of exploiting’ young shoppers by flogging the drink for inflated prices.

However, KSI – who created the drink alongside fellow internet sensation Logan Paul – has now confirmed PRIME Energy will be stocked at On The Run Stores. 

prime energy

He tweeted: “We finally got PRIME Energy in Australia at On The Run Stores. You gotta be 18+ to drink btw.”

On The Run has more than 160 petrol stations and convenience stores across South Australia and Victoria, which still means some shoppers would be facing a pretty hefty journey if they wanted to grab themselves a can. 

While PRIME Hydration has been readily available for months, its caffeinated counterpart continues to cause a stir, with several schools even banning their students from bringing it on to campus. 

The drink is labelled as 18+, but many believe the online duo market its products towards younger fans. Visit the Prime website here on how to find Prime in Australia.

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