10% Off Get Gripped Discount Code
10% Off Get Gripped Discount Code

10% Off Get Gripped Discount Code

10% OFF


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Use our 10% off Get Gripped Discount Code GYMFLUENCERSAGENCY at checkout.

Experience Revolutionary Fitness Accessories with GetGripped and Embrace an Injury-free Training Lifestyle

Empowering people to relish in their fitness journey, GetGripped is on a mission to transform workouts by prioritizing safety alongside performance. Striving to mitigate the risk of injury that could deter fitness enthusiasts from achieving their objectives, GetGripped designs its accessories to support all levels of training.

Today, they are excited to offer an exclusive 10% off with the Get Gripped Discount Code GYMFLUENCERSAGENCY at checkout. This is the perfect opportunity for fitness aficionados to get their hands on this innovative gear.

In their quest to create the optimal training environment, GetGripped has stayed true to its roots. Proudly originating from Australia, every product is diligently designed and rigorously tested on the Gold Coast, QLD. Once they meet the brand’s strict quality and performance standards, these products are then ready to be shipped to customers, with free standard shipping on all orders over $50.

But what truly sets GetGripped apart is the stamp of approval from professionals who live and breathe fitness. Over the years, the brand’s accessories have been tried and tested by a stellar lineup of pro athletes, including Sam Pearce IFBB PRO, Emily King WBFF PRO, Matt O’Reilly WBFF PRO, Jess Johnson IFBB PRO, Cyrille Adja IFBB PRO, and Bridgette Godfrey WBFF PRO, among others. These fitness professionals swear by the wide range of GG products, integrating them into their regular workouts.

“GetGripped’s unwavering commitment to quality and innovation has indeed been recognized by the fitness community,” says a representative. “We’re humbled and honored by the trust these athletes place in our products. It’s truly gratifying to see our accessories contribute to their training success.”

This is your chance to equip your fitness regimen with accessories that the pros use. Remember to use the discount code GYMFLUENCERSAGENCY for an instant 10% off at checkout. Enjoy the high-quality, injury-minimizing gear that GetGripped offers, and let your fitness journey soar to new heights.

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